Ties 101 at Alandales

Let’s talk about ties. Whether you’re going to the office or preparing for a swanky night out, wearing a tie can transform your outfit from casual to stylish. When you wear a tie, people notice—they notice the color, the pattern, the length and the style. Ties can make your outfit, and can certainly break it,...
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Zachary Prell Trunk Show at Alandales, June 1, 1-6 PM

With summer just around the corner, we know you’re thinking about updating your wardrobe. While Los Angeles boasts many menswear retailers, only one knows how to provide top-of-the-line clothing with exceptional perks: Alandales knows what you like. That’s why, come June 1st, Alandales will host a trunk show of designer Zachary Prell’s entire collection, including...
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ALANDALES: Privileged Services for the Privileged Customer, Always at a Very Privileged Price

Join ALANDALES Privilege Club and receive discount rates on personalized services and tailor made men’s clothing.

ALANDALES: Exceptional Service for the Privileged Customer, Always at a Very Suitable Price “Custom made” and “markdown” do not seem to share any compatibility. No one hunts for a bargain at a high end boutique and a discount on men’s...
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Always Dress to Impress if You Want Success

Always Dress to Impress if You Want Success In an age where casual Friday seems to encroach ever further on the rest of the week, dressing up for work has never been a better way to stand out from the rest of the pack. If you want to make inroads with your bosses and get that...
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