Bringing Classic Style Back in a Modern Way

Classic Style at Alandales

There was once a time when a man’s style betrayed everything there was to know about him: his social status, the general line of his profession, where he shopped, and his attitude toward the world. For men’s fashion, this time in history was marked by large coats, dark colors and rigid fabrics; all aspects that look great in vintage images, but when reproduced today, would be far from comfortable.

The times have changed, however, and these days, modern style is anything but straight-forward. Outside of the professional, popular trends often mimic street wear to such a degree that it’s frequently impossible to tell the stylish from the style deficient. So what’s the remedy? Shopping at Alandales, one of LA’s hottest men’s wear retailers dedicated to adding a touch of “classic” back into your closet.

At Alandales, we yearn for the days of the well-dressed man, both in the office and elsewhere. No more tears in your jeans, no more skateboarding shoes. At Alandales we believe in contemporary, modern style. That means simple outfits that show the world that you have a sense of self that meshes perfectly with your sense of fashion. No matter the image you wish to put forward, Alandales has something for you, whatever your budget may be.

If you still think that consistently dressing well is an aspiration only women covet, then you’re wrong. After shopping with us you’ll notice that even the members of your fantasy football league will take notice that you always look put together; and nothing interests other men so much as the attention you’ll receive from women.

Even if you don’t come equipped with an inherent sense of style—don’t be embarrassed, it happens—we offer image consulting, a barbershop, and alterations so you can become the man you’ve always wanted to be, from head to toe. Get the perfect outfit tailored to your figure, and finish it off with a quick hair trim or brand new style.

Style isn’t effortless, it takes time and patience and, most importantly, it takes the right clothes and the right eye. Alandales can offer a stylish helping hand.

Alandales is Los Angeles’ premiere menswear retailer because we provide a comprehensive take on style for the man who wants to stand out.

Stand out for the right reasons. Shop at Alandales.

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