Always Dress to Impress if You Want Success

Always Dress to Impress if You Want Success

In an age where casual Friday seems to encroach ever further on the rest of the week, dressing up for work has never been a better way to stand out from the rest of the pack. If you want to make inroads with your bosses and get that promotion, then you should start dressing as if you deserve it. Dressing right can make a major positive impact on your career.

When looking at your superiors and fellow co-workers, you’ll start to notice a clear hierarchy in what people wear based on their positions. Executives generally dress better than managers who dress more sharply than the people they manage and so on down the chain. There are always exceptions but at most businesses higher-ups dress in button-down shirts, a conservative tie, polished black shoes, dress socks, and a nice jacket with complementary slacks. This ensemble helps convey professionalism, authority, and maybe a bit of elegance if done right.

If you have managerial aspirations yourself, then a good way to become a manager is to dress as if you already are one. One of the first things people notice about you are the clothes you wear. Like it or not, people will make judgments about your personality based on what you wear day in and day out. Be sure that what you wear to work definitely makes an impression on your boss about how seriously he thinks you take your job. You can show him just how hardworking and serious you are by taking a little thought and effort about how you dress.

It is true that fewer companies nowadays require their employees to adhere to a strict dress code but realize that casual doesn’t mean sloppy. There is a right way and a wrong way to do casual. Instead of wearing your gym clothes to work you should check out one of the many designer brands of casual shirts like Haupt, Zachary Prell, or Georg Roth that keep things relaxed yet smart looking.

Of course the most classic look of authority still works effectively, a suit and tie with understated patterns set off by a white shirt – French cuffs and button down collar are optional.

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