ALANDALES: Privileged Services for the Privileged Customer, Always at a Very Privileged Price

Join ALANDALES Privilege Club and receive discount rates on personalized services and tailor made men’s clothing.

ALANDALES: Exceptional Service for the Privileged Customer, Always at a Very Suitable Price

“Custom made” and “markdown” do not seem to share any compatibility. No one hunts for a bargain at a high end boutique and a discount on men’s designer clothing seems unheard of; not so, when you are a valued customer at ALANDALES. The collections at ALANDALES are made up of the finest designer men’s clothing. The store has tailor made apparel for every image conscious male. ALANDALES also has customized services for each valued client.

One of the many advantages of being a patron at ALANDALES is the opportunity to become a member of the Privilege Club. Membership includes VIP invitations to exclusive events and sales as well as the opportunity option to save 10-40 percent on merchandise throughout the year.

ALANDALES works to ensure every client always receives specialized care. The store takes pride in knowing its services enhance customer satisfaction.

Zachary Prell shirts are a contemporary and versatile line of sports  and polo shirts made for casual wear or more upscale events. The athletic fit of these shirts is both unique and sharp creating a smart, modern look. Within the ALANDALES collection, Zachary Prell is highly sought-after. Recently, an ALANDALES Privilege Club Member purchased a Zachary Prell dress shirt from the current line. He was elated to discover his membership provided him with a much lower price than he had expected.

The staff at ALANDALES is always confident in their ability to ensure that each client will leave feeling self assured and looking sharp. In this particular instance, however, this valued customer provided ALANDALES with an additional feeling of satisfaction. Shortly after making his purchase at ALANDALES, he sent a photo of the exact same shirt selling for a much higher price at another store.

ALANDALES Zachary Prell Shirt Discount

Satisfaction, assurance, and loyalty are key components to a successful relationship. This trust and confidence are the basis for the connection ALANDALES strives to make with every patron. The expression of gratitude that accompanied the photo is typical of our customers’ sentiments. The staff at ALANDALES knows its job isn’t done until every patron is happy and all of his needs are met. It is always about exceptional service for privileged customers to ensure a loyal, ongoing relationship.

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