Zachary Prell Trunk Show at Alandales, June 1, 1-6 PM

With summer just around the corner, we know you’re thinking about updating your wardrobe. While Los Angeles boasts many menswear retailers, only one knows how to provide top-of-the-line clothing with exceptional perks: Alandales knows what you like. That’s why, come June 1st, Alandales will host a trunk show of designer Zachary Prell’s entire collection, including new pieces from the designer’s summer line.

A trunk show is a special sale in which retail vendors present merchandise directly to select customers at retail locations. Think of it as an exclusive sale available only to a niche audience; in this case, the fashion conscious customers of Alandales menswear. Enjoy 10% off of the coveted pieces of Zachary Prell’s entire collection at our special trunk show, but don’t think that’s the only perk you’ll receive for coming to Alandales on June 1st between 1 and 6 PM. In addition to the trunk show, Alandales offers customers the opportunity to meet the designer of the label, and also try their hand at Scotch-whisky tasting.

Zachary Prell’s menswear line launched in fall 2006, and exploded onto the fashion scene due to Prell’s business acumen, eye for masculine style, and the work-to-afterhours versatility of his designs. Prell’s label can be found in over 250 stores throughout the United States, including Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. As the inspiration for Prell’s popular “Becker Blue” 2011 release shirt, the owner of Alandales has cultivated a close relationship with the designer. Due to this relationship, Zachary Prell is scheduled to appear at the trunk show as an added bonus for shoppers who are looking for a personal experience with the creator of the Zachary Prell line.

As if having the designer present for the show wasn’t enough, Alandales has combined the Zachary Prell trunk show with an event to match the sophisticated taste of its clients. On June 1st between 1 and 6 PM, come ready to take part in an experience that also boasts a free Scotch tasting and catered food chosen specifically for its ability to complement the various featured ages of Scotch available. The event will feature various distilleries, among them The Balvenie Distillery, a Speyside single malt Scotch whisky distillery in Dufftown, Scotland. Balvenie produces malt whiskies that have aged from 10 to 30 years, and has consistently won world-class Scotch-whisky awards since 2006. Presided over by a hand-picked Scotch enthusiast knowledgeable in various distilleries and styles. The tasting will be an exercise in teaching the subtleties and complexities of Scotch’s flavors to an audience that may or may not be familiar with the minutiae of traditionally produced whiskies.

For proof that Alandales is the best menswear retailer in Los Angeles, swing by on June 1st between 1 and 6 PM to experience our special Zachary Prell trunk show. You’ll receive 10% off of available merchandise, meet the designer, eat spectacularly crafted food and taste a variety of world-class Scotch. Why wouldn’t you stop by?

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