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Dress Shirts/Custom Shirts


The most important part of each shirt. Emanuel Berg offers more than 80 different shapes and styles of collars. Sartorial finishing makes our collars very significant. It guarantees the best look and gives a proper stand of the collar.


Emanuel Berg provides shirts with the most luxurious buttons made of mother of pearl, hand cut from Australian shells. Buttons are wrapped by hand, which makes it extra reinforced and prevents losing a button. The fine lily stitching on the buttons is very significant and recognizable for Emanuel Berg hard work.


You will find more than 30 different cuff styles in Emanuel Berg collection, starting from barrel button cuff to French cuff. All cuffs are cut by hand according to your measurements to guarantee the perfect fit around the wrist.


Signed by Emanuel Berg emblem embroidery, placed at the bottom of the shirt in the connection between front and back parts, emphasizes the best quality refering to the English traditional tailoring. Gussets make shirts stronger and helps to avoid any ripping.

The anatomy of the shirt